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Post PMR as I recall it


It has been a year passed after I sat for my PMR in 2009. Despite it had finished, until now I could recall just the way it had been. The examination was one of my best memories ever, from various kind of exam prefects (hey, ada guru itu garang woo haha) to shivering with great fear after knowing I had done silly mistakes in Maths paper lol. But thanks to God, I managed to wrap 8As slip in my hand on 28th December 2009 :)

Tomorrow will be a red letter day to the 0812 generation out there. The results will be announced and no doubt, it is the moment of truth. Did they give their best shot when answering the Sejarah paper?? Did they count well in Maths papers?? And they had wrote perfectly in their essay, didn't they? haha, we'll see. (jangan cuak pula wei)

Kuala Kangso~

I remember when it was the eve before the results-taking day. Mom and Dad gave their permission to let me going back to Kuala Kangso to receive the results (meant my bodek was successful :D). On 27th December, I was accompanied with Muhaimin Fitri, my batchmate who is also from the breathtaking state of Pearl Lace, and we went to Kuala by bus. As I remember, my father's buddy, Uncle Akram helped us to find a hotel room for us to rent a night. 

Believe me, we not checked into the Double Lion
It was the hotel up on a jewelery stop. And we got to much bucks so that we could pay the room by ourself. Luckily, the amoi receptionist did not suspect us to do illegal action because what would be on one's mind of they see two guys rent a room for a night??? hahaha. But seriously it was fun to be at Kuala, have a room, and no PARENTS AROUND.. yeah!!! By that night, we strayed at shop's kaki lima, jalan-jalan suka hati but kinda boring because after 10 pm, KK would be like a ghost town, tak percaya, mai usha.. :P

how sweet like Slurpee it was post-PMR life~ 
We headed to nearby 7 Eleven (ouh macam nama batch, no wonder they keep calling us batch kedai haha) and purchase somethings to eat. Not forgetting the Slurpee that I craved for. Sedap kot. That night we even tucked out and used handphones whenever we want, well who cares, it's holidays! Back to the hotel, we enjoyed skinny-dipping in the dark err nope, there was no such thing, we watched TV and bla bla bla some stupid nonsenses. Heaven giler, until now I wonder why didn't we do some spiritual activities, you know like praying or baca Yassin or somewhat like that?? Because it was like a tiny party in a hotel room. huh~ mantap, yang lain mesti masa itu sibuk melakukan ibadah dengan tawaduk... hoi, don't think negatively, we still prayed Isyak and du'a for excellence.. We did that to get rid the results trauma. (:

some of my batchmates.. spot any familiar face?
Morning, and we went to college compound. Mak aii, ramai giler datang. There's a bunch of my batch fellas coming to take results. All waited patiently, sucily, before the results were ready to be announced. Me?? of course I was full with unbearable fear in myself. CUAK DOUH! Out of the blue, Amir Norman came and bid me, and said, "Kau dapat 8A, aku dah call cikgu".. oh man, kacau stim betul. I got my result early while others were still waiting. Muhaimin managed to get 8A too.

that's me.. sigh*
Sadly, the results were not as expected. We didn't make it. A lot of us couldn't get straight As. They stuck on Bahasa Melayu and Pendidikan Agama Islam... I do not know what was happening. We did best but Allah didn't grant us to be 100% successful. Maybe He knows the best. We just redha for what happened. PMR is not the end of the world. Though, I shed sadness tears at that time, how could you be happy with 8A while your batchmates were crying in sorrow? 

That was my captured memory of the day. The day that seemed to be full of surprises. Hopefully, my koleq juniors will not have the same fate. 

So, the another anticipating day will soon come tomorrow. It is hoped that all the PMR candidates 2010 can get excellent results. Believe in yourself. You had done your best so why hesitant about the straight As?? Pray to God and let all things He decides. May the lady of luck smiles upon you guys~ ALL THE BEST!!! (jangan buat benda tak ketahuan malam ni) :)

P/S- my brother got SBP, somewhere in central zone. The good thing is, he will not distract me at Kuala. huhu.

By the way, I really miss blogging in INK-LEECH~ sekian

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