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"Aww seksi"

Hi, the name given is Luqman Din and I am 21 years old (2015) but of course, still feeling like 17. I sat for my SPM in 2011. Living in Pearl Lace, the smallest state of Malaysia but I had spent a few years back in Kuala Kangsar because I studied there, at Sekolah Melayu Jalan Stesen. Then I was admitted into International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) to pursue in Foundation of Biological Science but the wind had changed its course and I moved to Management and Science University (MSU) Shah Alam campus under MARA to undergo degree in 'Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae' (MBBS). I currently stay in Shah Alam. I don't know how to describe myself so better you figure it out by yourself ha ha

"Ini semua poyo"

I am a Muslim by blood and soul, proud Malaysian at heart, Gleek, Muser, Swiftie, Little Black Star, Del Rey's sweetheart...ahh forget it, I might be a universal listener somehow. I love learning languages, not an early riser in the morning and like to read much. Big fan of HP and HG. Favourite past-time? Hm, smoking weed playing around and sleeping. Twitter and Instagram? Already addicted. I define myself as an optimist but sometimes a realist but yeah, if I ever feel down and low, it is pretty devastating. I love making new friends even though I can be quite shy at first. I love watching movies as I'm an avid movie-goer. I do drink coffee as a form of my own escapism. I am that one person who sometimes feels a sentimental attachment to the people that come, stay and leave in my life. I am the one who can change myself to be better for people that I love the most but can destruct myself for the same reason too. I am the guy who is passionate in traveling around places, seeing awesome things before he dies and doing cool stuffs before he will no longer be able to do. Just hope and pray that his curiosity won't kill any cats okay? Surtout, j'aime ma vie. Nice to meet you guys!

"Okay now I know who you are"

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