Tentang Belog

Peace. Salam aman.

First and foremost, I am not one of the topnotch bloggers that you adore much. I just write mumblings in my head, thoughts of hectic days as a human, some mambo jambo that I found out in my life and bla bla bla

Maka, aku tak adalah mengharapkan populariti daripada belog, hanya menulis untuk saja-saja.

Oh by the way, let me teach you about the categories in this blog:

Means origin or birth. So I talk about my personal opinions about my life a.k.a my existence.

Koleq is my school, MCKK. Legend told us that the word 'koleq' maybe has been corrupted from the word 'college'. In this part, I speak about my beloved school (esp. my batch)

'Adventure' fits this word well. In Exodus, mainly I will post about my journey to somewhere, maybe vacations sort of.

'What the heck' is a column dedicated for any things that blow and shock my mind. Haha, so you're expecting to see naked photos here? Not in a million years, I won't post that.

'Rawak' is randomness in Malay. Of couse, I will post random things that caught my attention.

The full name of this category is 'Puisi & Prosa'. I shall write posts related with poems that I wrote them myself or maybe recommend you some great poems to be shared.

According to Kamus Dewan Edisi Keempat, in English, it means, 'relief of emotional feelings, from tension and inner turmoil'. Posts about songs, videos and entertainment are on their way.

Tips or tricks, you'll find them here.

Above all, if you are interested on reading my blog, I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

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