Jumaat, 22 Oktober 2010



I ended my Diagnostics (Ujian Selaras SBP) last week which took approximately 3 weeks for all papers. Gosh, I had worked my brain to the limit.. Hopefully, will pass with flying colours..

Fantastic plans for life after exam, namely:

1) Finish up watching Glee.

2) Spend time tremendously with my beloved 'amis'

3) Continue to learn new languages such as Brunei and Spanish.

4) Maintaining (and improving) my French.. *sigh, I miss my French classes :'(

5) Read 'Bumi Cinta', Paulo Coelho's 'The Zahir' and other recommended novels and short stories.

6) Attending my first BTN in Perlis.. just a stone throw away from my house.. haha

7) Enjoying last month as Form 4 :D

8) Seriously, ought to update regularly this blog.. huhu

By the way, I missed the PARAMORE's concert... arghh!!!! I love this band but it is so sad for not attending their first concert in Malaysia.

Hayley, come again here.. You're my only exception :)

Second story, haha... I declare myself as a GLEEK.. can't stop watching and listening to Glee's songs, dramas and music video. Merci to Huzaimi for bringing the Season 1 DVD... :D

Try observe this particular music video by the cast. It was performed by Mercedes and Santana in episode 'Duets' Season 2 Glee.. The song's 'River Deep Mountain High', originally by Ike and Tina Turner, a 1966 single, haha.. my mom was 1 year old that time :P

Highly nostalgic and deeply romantic guys!! 

C'est tout pour maintenant. Live your live (: