Isnin, 6 Disember 2010

Facebook Books Its New Face

Facebook < To those who doesn't know

Ok, it is said that Facebook is now the most popular social networking site, ranked second by Alexa and gained more than 500 million users worldwide (well, that counts the ones who activate more than 1 profile to disguise themselves haha). Today (5 December 2010), its founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced that they got a new layout for all of us, the facebookers. Take a look here.. video yang aku rasa pelik.. haha

and there goes Blaise DiPersia adding his mother on FB

So, I took this chance to change my FB as well. But, kinda miss the old one. Can't change back maa!! It's permanent. Some says that all users will be implemented to this new layout by 2011. Tak tau betul ke tak, tapi at last, everyone will stick to the new layout gak.. haha


Old one.

Kalau rabun atau kabur tu, silalah tekan untuk tumbesaran

Le nouvel Facebook!

Click to enlarge

How do you response?? :D

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