Isnin, 21 Mac 2011


At this time (I think it's the first and maybe the last), I am not at Kuala Kangsar. Yes, I am still in Perlis, in my room, in my house. Supposedly, by tomorrow, I should wake up early and go to school as usual, as the holidays had ended. This is because my sickness still doesn't cure. I have gatal-gatal on my left leg and it resulted to be some kind of red itching spots on my skin, like an  infection. Having confused about what caused this to be happened, I think it's just an effect for living in an unhygienic condition at hostel. Then, I shall curse the stray cat that lied on my bed in the past couple days. Aha, kitty, I don't blame you much :)

Got my MC until Tuesday and I'd have 2 days at home. Fuh, I need to catch up my study and finish up my homework then.

It's 3 am in the morning and I could barely sleep tonight. It's so silent and calm outside and all I can hear is the sound of crickets, harmonizing their lonely songs in night breeze. Somehow, I feel like missing them. Missing my batch and koleq. Eventhough I don't really like the hectic life of school, but sometimes my heart is longing to mingle back with batchmates, chatting latest stories, laughing out loud and sharing cheerful moments together. It's our final year, and  I want to leave this memorable koleq with sweet memories that I will remember till my last breath of life.

I miss my havoc-producing best friends,
I miss my amiable batchmates that never fail to make me smile everyday.
I miss my teachers that willingly sacrifice their time to teach us lessons and the meaning of life.
I miss outing to Kuala Kangsar :)
I miss koleq, my beloved school. Every place in it keeps buckets of memories. Even surau, although I frequently escape the sermons on Saturday and Sunday mornings after subuh prayer :P
Ils me manquent, completement.

Each day that passed, I looked upon the faces of my friends, my juniors too, teachers, and every scenery of koleq compound and I realise that this moment won't last forever. It's not infinite. By time, me too, will be leaving this school as other old boys did. Of tears dropping and moaning cries, that particular best time (to be a koleq student) ain't gonna replay again. 

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love

God, extend the time so that I can be with them for a longer time :'(

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