Rabu, 16 Mac 2011

Map of the Problematique

|Reader discretion is advised|


Walking down the corridor,
Just wearing shorts and shirt,
And listening through my earplug,
Melodies and tunes of Muse mildly,

Adrenalin's rushing in the artery,
Desperate for a sin so badly,
By ecstatically dancing and loudly singin',
Fill up this empty night,
Then get aroused perfectly,
by the sweet-smelling scent of sweat,
You're just like an ester,
Without you, my heart feels a blister,

Life's a game plays by fools,
Like me like you all,
When we lose, we cry,
When we win, shout aye.

Depression kills me not,
I will turn myself to God,
Too much things to shallow,
Hail high from ground low,
Ich bin mir absolut klar, (I'm absolutely clear)
Will light up this life without flaw,

Come along and dance together in the dark,
Shut up their remarks,
Réponds à ma tendresse,
J'veux ton amour et je veux ta revanche,
Car tu me manques toujours,

Pour the prudence of confidence,
And the bad romance presence,
It completely makes me sway,
Sweep my loneliness away,
Somehow it feels so good this way.

Loneliness be over
When will this loneliness be over?
Yes, it will,
When you are here, my lover..

Saya memang jarang bagi orang baca nota nukilan sajak saya kerna takut ada yang terlopong mulut kerana struktrur inskripsi puisi yang terlalu berlebihan. Well, kadang-kadang, you got to pour all of it in excess ;)


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