Selasa, 21 Jun 2011

My final MCYDS

It has been a while and seriously now I am busy with Malay College Youth Development Summit 2011.

Malay College Youth Development Summit (MCYDS) is a programme worthy of its existence as it is an important platform in the development of human capital in line with the second aspiration contained in the National Education Blueprint emphasizing on the building of towering personality-character building as well as developing students with competitive outlook.
With the theme “The WWW Project: what works well”, it is hoped that participants will be able to meet, contribute and discuss on any successful initiative that is being undertaken or that has been accomplished at their schools. Besides, the participants who take part in this summit will understand the role they have to play as individuals in their communities which demands them to be responsible, committed, to be the agents of change, to serve their communities, to subscribe to positive traits and be creative in carrying out their plans.
okay, I copied from the school's website, frankly haha

I became one of the participants in 2009 thus this year marked the fourth year that summit was held, started in 2008. From my experience, the role of participant is very relaxing while the committees, busy like hell yeah haha. So, as the summit is aimed to be the students' summit, we, the students will be organised strongly (with teachers' guidance) this summit. Harap-harap semua berjalan lancar hingga 27 Jun 2011. Amin.

Unlike last year, this year aku tak lagi menyibuk, sebab memang aku sibuk dengan kerja sebagai pengerusi majlis :P

opening ceremony this morning. alhamdulillah, all ran smoothly. 

Okay dude, see you next time. Full schedule this week. Tata :D

P/S : Will be receiving the award for French best student this Saturday during Speech Day. Two conservative years. Thank God :)

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