Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

We are young, we are free

5 Science 1 2011, of course not all of them :)

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#nowplaying Travie Mccoy's We'll Be Alright

Simple, short and precise updates:

1) Okay, I am still alive.

2) My busy timetable disables me to keep updating this blog. Sorry so much.

3) Enjoying my life as Form 5. Till now, no hard obstacles that I couldn't bear. (thank God).

4) I will be going to Hari Kebudayaan Bahasa Perancis SBP next month.

5) Today, Saturday 12 Feb, I got my first confinement for 2011...haha.. padan muka, siapa suruh lambat assembly, kan dah kena denda tak boleh outing :P

6) Sibuk study maa!! Exam is in 2 weeks.

We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don’t sleep
Got our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright

Till then, adios~

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