Rabu, 7 April 2010

Blog? Rejoice!!

Salam and peace to all.. this is newly 16 years old boy speaking~

Firstly, I would like to say sorry for you guys because waiting me too long for a new post. Haha.. Actually, I have been kinda busy for the past 2 weeks.. Well, after coming back to school, a lot of stuff needs to be accomplished (the mid-year exam is just in 2 months) Arghhh!! And you must set in mind that it is not easy for a student to keep online 24/7 in schooldays.. hahaha

                             Feeling tension with homework(ssss).. je suis fatigue

Let me clarify some of my plans for my life (buat masa terdekat ini)

1) My blog is no longer permanently in BM. I think I shall start writing in English because it is for my own good also. So, Bahasa Melayu Lovers out there, I know you all don't like this.. haha.. (but don't worry, there will be posts in BM also, but lesser lah)

2) I must stop daydreaming everyday so that I'll not be at 69th place again just like Ujian Selaras Satu.. hm.. :P My mom scolded me for this shameful result and truly, I am very sorry. I know I played around so much in school. Thus, need to study hard if I don't want to lose everything (debate, maybe??).

3) The hectic life has taken me far from my social life. Apparently, I did a lot of works everyday and I was not spending so much time with my beloved friends and batch. So, my plan is to tighten up our bonds especially with the batch and of course, 6 of my lovable 0711's debaters by spending more time with them. Hopefully, my relationship with them will lasts forever.

4) Koleq is becoming more serious. There will be an exam in the end of April. This exam will indicate who are qualified to represent koleq in everything (debate, games and such). Ironically, anyone who does not pass the target (for upper form- must get 5A above and 55% above for elective subjects like Bio, Chem..), will not be granted to represent koleq. From my opinion, I really tense with this alternative. I guess it is so hard for me to get even 80% in Physics. Hm.. haha.. lek lah.. I will try~

5) Next step is to maintain myself as a good student. Wah! yes, this is my toughest and biggest plan for time being. Just to make sure that I am very good enough in everyone's eyes. Besides, I am sure that my parents are also hoping me to be as good as angel. InsyaAllah, if God let me to be good one, I will be. Je vais prier à Dieu pour une bonne vie.

It is very hard to keep as a promise to yourself when it comes to planning your life. But, we should have visions in our life to make sure that our life will not be such a waste. Plan for the future!!

                          With a poker face after surfing internet (illegally in class..haha)

Cubaan soal selidik pertama...
-Terukkah grammar gue?? LOL.. redah sajorh~

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.firdaus. berkata...

xde la truk mane ur grammar. haha. btw, it should be "start writing" bukan "start write". (:

Luqman Din berkata...

haha.. budak kampung punya grammar.. lol :P