Ahad, 16 Mei 2010

Teachers??? Guess what, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Wow, seems a long time ago when I last published a post.. haha.. sorry guys, lately, i have been busy with exams, insufficient time and such.

(Hm, this Makcik is even doesn't have a resemblance with any of my teachers)
Teachers form a very important part of almost all the societies. Their contribution towards the education and development of children, a country's coming generation, is simply invaluable. Teachers have always been the vital contributor of learning in the society. They serve as the foundation of the cultural and sustainable development of the nation as a whole. Teacher's Day seeks to honor teacher for this very reason only.

Today, in Malaysia, the hot-climate country (motive??? :P), we celebrate Teachers Day.. It is a day that is a token of appreciation for all the teachers who has 'berpenat lelah' to teach Malaysian to become useful persons in life. It is a day when a lot students rushing down the corridors to deliver flowers, cards, presents or even frogs (huh?) to their beloved teachers... haha.. Hm, it is only we appreciate them on 16 May je?? :|

Well, in this post, I would like to wish "Happy Teachers Day" to all the teachers out there, who have sacrificed everything for the name of education. I would like to thank all my teachers from my first school (tadika), then first primary school, SK Sultan Muzaffar Shah, Kedah, second primary school, SK Beseri, Perlis and from my lovable koleq. Not forgetting ustazah-ustazah from Al-Quran classes (",) , tuition teachers, oh yea, my parents (FIRST teachers in my life), and whoever who has taught me the meaning of life. You guys are superb, without you, maybe I have been 'merempat' somewhere in this world..huhu.. Thanx for everything, for the memories (ketuk ketampi, pumping, rotan and whatever), doa and blessings.. Hope I can be a better homo sapiens in the future..hahaha.... Vivre les professeurs!!! :D

Dieu vous benira.. Amin

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